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May 2014

The Internet with a Human Face: lovely piece on politics, society, and tech. (also yes, I am guilty of some of this.)

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@innaatan peg para sa final projects this sem. hahaha

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Wow. This is how you do an airline booking site. This UX is just beautiful. responsive, animated, and human.

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What… what is going on? So sketchy. NSA gag ordertruecrypt.sourceforge.netZH…NOu

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Why is WPA Enterprise/EAP-TLS in Windows 8.1 so hard? Why did MSFT remove the network profiles GUI? I thought “Windows is for business”? >:(

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@SOS_Xbox_Clan Day One edition in Asia, pre-ordered in the Philippines. Not sure where else you can get it; sorry.

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idiot This is why you don’t let developers write error messages.

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Done with work for today! :D Time to install these three discs (and the long wait…)

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levi_io Guess who just got ?
Hint: @_phi

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I arrived at greenhills early to pick up watch dogs, only to realize I left my pre-order receipt at home ;_;

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(why yes, you’ll be seeing a big, data-heavy, visualization site soon. sooner than I’d like, really. :P)

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Found some great charting / graphing libraries for use with d3.js: (NVD3) and (c3.js) yay! :D

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Build a system integrating different gov’t agency systems, they said. Won’t be that complicated, they said.
changing the world is hard

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The origin of the <blink> tag —…5 (ah, memories)

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Delayed. @ Bacolod-Silay International Airport

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thezeist Apple Embraces WebGL…

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KitKat 4.4, dual-SIM, great build quality at ~$120? (I’ve tried Moto G, feels great) That’s amazing. I hope this trend continues.

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“Moto E: the people’s smartphone”— one of two low-end smartphones that don’t suck. (the other is the Lumia 520)…R

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87-year-old man who invented the first computer password thinks they “have become a nightmare.” —…A

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In 1859, people panicked over a horrible, time-wasting activity destroying minds and society: Chess.
Yes, chess.…

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McDonalds Meanwhile at Happy Headquarters…

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@charlesatan for most of what I do, yes. There’re reasons I still keep BBEdit/etc, but what I like about Atom is how easy it is to extend.

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@charlesatan a while back. I still keep BBEdit around. :)

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… of course, the real problem could be these JavaScript files with 2 to 3k lines each@storylarkrk could lose some fat.

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I’ve started using @AtomEditor more than Sublime Text. Really love being able to hack my editor with CSS/JS. Now, if it weren’t so slow…

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ebayinc eBay asks all users to change passwords due to cyberattack that compromised non-financial info in a database:…

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PhillyD …what? I can’t multitask on a

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tomgara McDonald’s ‘Happy’ mascot: “He’s not for everyone,” company says. “He’s for families and kids”

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@chantily happens all the time with games/apps for me. I often feel both delight and envy when I come across cleverly designed UX.

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So. Are Globe or Smart/PLDT going to fess up or make a statement about their… “collaboration” with the NSA?…xzi

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@richtuason awesomeee haha. I’ve been waiting since they first announced it in 2012 :)) drop by the office maybe? :D

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Fake or not, this campaign for @watchdogsgame is pretty cool.… —so excited for next Tuesday; picking up preorder! :D

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altitude_games We take you through another tour of our upcoming game: Run Run Super V -

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mikeBithell Observation without judgement: iPad -> pc port comments: oh, yuck, feck off, bloody mobile games. PC -> iPad port: oh, cool, wow, real game!

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“You can’t disappoint a picture!”

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new Font Awesome 4.1 release adds Pied Piper icons! Hahaha, wow. —…l (are you watching Silicon Valley from HBO yet?)

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Congrats @chantily! :D In-Book nominated for the D&AD…X (bring me something from London? 😘)

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Cider, a student research project, runs iOS apps on top of Android—…V (slow, but pretty impressive)

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This has been a very bad year for web security —dayswithoutansslexploit.comx

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Happy Mother’s Day mom! Sorry for sneaking a scan; you rock the retro look naman

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anttitikkanen To honk your horn in a , HTTP GET /vehicles/{id}/command/honk_horn.Full REST API: (hint from @SamiHonkonen)

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Text adventure game where you have to escape levels… by modifying its JavaScript.

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comex I like how Apple winning “only” $100 million (and Samsung winning 0.1% of that from Apple) is considered a major victory for Samsung.

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thegrugq Even if you don’t share your location data, if your friends do, that can be used to infer your location.

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stroughtonsmith ‘Creating Audio for Apps’…

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Is it Pokémon, or technology?… ha ha ha. silly names are silly. (only missed two, amazingly.)

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