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July 2013

Yesssss my @LeapMotion pre-order finally shipped! ( — another exciting dev toy– er, tool @byimplicationion :D

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“The most dangerous thought you can have as a creative person is to think you know what you’re doing.” —

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Brilliant idea from Bret Victor, as usual. A talk about “The future of programming” set in 1973. (Clearly, we’ve failed.) Also, THOSE SLIDES

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worrydream ★ The Future of Programming. A talk about revolutionary new ideas for programming. (30 min)

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ChromiumDev Sass & CSS preprocessor support in Chrome DevTools is now documented…

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hamzasood iPhone home button to contain fingerprint sensor (found in beta 4)

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8 iOS Developers Who Revolutionized The App…q Great picks. If you do dev/UX, you should know/follow these guys.

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worrydream look, I don’t normally call attention to these things, but Tufte picked me and @mbostock as the Future, I can’t even

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Yeah, it’s marketing for @watchdogsgame, but this ( is actually a nice infographic.

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.@feannekitty you should check out the beginner/advanced tutorials linked on that page, too: — they’re pretty good!

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@glencharles hey glen, sorry I haven’t replied to your stuff yet :| can we talk tomorrow na lang? haha

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Still having trouble with basic web layout? Check out — nice overview of fundamental CSS techniques.

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@pleasantprog actually, sure! I’ll do that when I find the time :P

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@pleasantprog I liked your old layout better. haha

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Oh wait, they do have a domain. — which they then redirect to the IP address. Uh, what? :/

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This is kinda sad. Our airport couldn’t afford a domain? :(…

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Dinnerbone Holy crap. XKCD: “Time” finally ended. A comic that has been going on for 4 months, frames were released every hour.…

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jacjimeno Spotted at McDo Katipunan at 2am.

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Hackers now hacking cars. We live in exciting times. Video:… —calling it now: the new undercover murder/assassination.

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New clips from “Gravity”—…O I <3 space. Pretty excited for this film; reminds me of Planetes. And Kessler Syndrome.

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XanderDavisLive “The standard Xbox One retail unit will be convertible to a debug console that can play pre-release code.” HELL YES.

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arstechnica Report: Microsoft to finally let indie developers self-publish on Xbox Live by @KyleOrl

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Y’know, if you’re RT-ing something that might get cut off, it’d be nice if you checked you weren’t accidentally @.mention-ing someone else…

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Game Programmer in China quits job to sell street food, doubles salary —…I (Guess I’m in the wrong line of work ;)

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mikeyface This quote from the @io9 interview with George RR Martin is amazing. It flattened me.

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lucky_frame Ok! I think I’ll call time on this. Official Android sales numbers for Gentlemen! after three days:

8 copies sold.
2,462 copies pirated.

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@giselabee yeah it was. I’m assuming you don’t have that anymore? Also I can get it on behalf of @richtuason since it was my fault haha

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govph Fourth State of the Nation Address of President Benigno S. Aquino III as delivered. Click to read:…

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kennethgyu There are only two acceptable responses to people complaining “The SONA is too long!” 1. Then stop listening. 2. That’s what she said.

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momblogger Pnoy 2.4 billion is lost due to traffic in Metro Manila. What a waste of money and opportunities.

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Court of Appeals bars FedEx operations in PH.… — incredibly short-sighted, and reeks of protectionism and corruption.

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Spotdotph Court of Appeals voids FedEx’s permit to operate in PH

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“Stats of the Nation”, just in time for .… — a bit hard to see trends/deltas or compare across years, though.

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@giselabee it’s @richtuason’s actually! I texted you, but I guess it was the wrong number. Yay iPhone!

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Trip with friends last weekend — / mountains and cards

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phi survived the zombie apocalypse and made it to Safe Haven with a score of 5455.

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rapplerdotcom 2 Ateneans win in Go Green competition in Paris, France, beating 25 other teams from other countries. Read and watch:…

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AP BREAKING: Gay marriage becomes legal in Britain as Queen Elizabeth II gives royal approval

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darrenpauli Tumblr Apple apps sent clear text passwords. Patch issued.,tu…

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@richtuason actually, I just noticed it’s available locally na! :)) so just uninstall it, and reinstall with your own account.

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Google Maps’ voice prompts are better though; it reads out street names. (Not that it pronounces them well.)

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@googlemaps is finally available in the PH app store. We also now have local turn-by-turn driving directions, but @waze still much better!

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@richtuason oh are you trying to update? haha. I’ll update it when we meet next :))

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My talented friend/coworker @thatsmydoing has been blogging + the challenge of routing local map data—pleasantprogrammer.comc

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution is on sale (Steam) at 85% off — that’s $3!

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Why hello, keyword-watching, auto-follow spam bots

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Why behavior-change apps fail to change behavior—…J • Interesting read for social apps + gamification. Wanna vs. Hafta.

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Minion drawn with CSS, no images —…P (because why not?)

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@carillontea @wilhansen_li apparently that’s a requirement at Valve. (also, pretty naman mga @byimplication interns ah :3 like Oscar. wait…)

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@wilhansen_li haha oo nga, saw it on HN the other day and wanted to show you guys. But even if we had it then, we’re still not in Seattle :(

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HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN Pacific Rim is the ultimate otaku film that all of us had always been waiting for. Who are you, if you are Japanese and won’t watch this?

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@kennethgyu eh, could be a follow-your-partner game mechanic. Almost like a rhythm game, but not really. Or move sets like fightan games.

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@kennethgyu but it needs the whole walking-harness and arm-control things. Otherwise it’s not the complete experience.

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Also they really need to make a Jaeger-simulator arcade machine. Or amusement park ride. (Or a real one. Yes.)

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Exploding Actresses. That is all.

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@richtuason @kennethgyu haha, no problem. enjoy discreetly greeting people over text :P

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@richtuason @kennethgyu actually, google found this. Maybe you want to try it —…i (can’t test it because, you know.)

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@richtuason @kennethgyu I don’t use Facebook, so I can’t really say. sorry. :( (For the record, I manually enter bdays in phone contacts)

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fredraynal New insights into the program: (cc @Cryptomeorg)

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ATV offroading to Mayon’s lava wall! @ Mt Mayon Helipad (2006 Lava Stream)

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thedak OMG. The entire Calvin & Hobbes collection for free? Online? Required reading for all, folks. Go. Now!…

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Homegrownph On “Apptivism” lets you save the world with a swipe of your gadget.

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Nice article about “Apptivism” from —…n (happy to see@byimplicationn,@storylarkk, and@sarisoftwaree :)

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JivaDeVoe RT @wooster: Wow. Pirated iOS apps being re-sold on the official App Store:… / wow! Wtf!

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RIP, Google Reader. You were well-loved by so many.

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@carillontea @wilhansen_li @meggykawsek totes cool! Drop by anytime :D (and we can spyparty while you’re here, too!)

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(2/2) …roads are covered. While this is great, how do you make sense of all this information and data? This is the challenge.pp

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(1/2) “We mapped all Jeepney routes on a map. If you zoom in, it looks like th existing road network, because pretty much all…

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A pilot system in Cebu —cebutraffic.orgY crowdsourced by taxi GPS data. wonderful.p

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So apparently, to help build initial transit data, a UP student took hundreds of Jeep routes with a GPS device in hand. What.

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At the launch of public Philippine transit data + APIs! jeep, bus, and accident data for apps—

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(as an aside, the site itself is delightful! Love all the tiny details, and is a great example of web typography. I’ll stop gushing now.)

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Beyond just making their webfonts available, H&FJ’s approach is very meticulous. Print-level control, on the web!…

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H&FJ introduces cloud.typography — webfonts of Gotham, Archer, Vitesse, and everything, finally.

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govph DOTC to make commuting in Metro Manila more convenient. Press release:…

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