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January 2012

(you can probably find our game at - I would properly link, but am about to drop dead now. If you find it, enjoy!)

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Finally home! was a lot of intense, awesome, productive fun! But only had 7 hours sleep total these three days.

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Jim and @wilhansen_li with dual-dual-monitors. Four times the productivity!

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@HarrisonTheFan Having a weird game doesn’t help either. :) Thanks and Hello from Manila! Hope things are running awesomely at !

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This lack of sleep is driving me nuts, but there’s this high about the project keeping me up.

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I want to replace every instance of “space” in this song with “game”:

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byimplication Gonna compete in Global Game Jam in UP ITTC in a few hours! The team is stoked and warmed up. Wish us luck! :D

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PapaPiola Found another Chinese. @_phi Certified CUTE. Still weighing if HOTorNOT. Haha

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chantily My boyfriend made me cry today with a single click of a button…Happy Monthsary! @_phi You wonderful wonderful person you!

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新年快樂 / 恭喜發財 ! • Happy Chinese New Year!

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iCal / iCloud, why did you wipe out and destroy the (important!) calendar I made because I created it while offline?

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verge Visual effects of ‘Boardwalk Empire’ exposed, layer by layer

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levi_io Is wondering how many relationships have been ruined because a telco couldn’t be bothered to send an SMS on time (or never).

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YahooPH Wanna be a game developer? Learn from the Pinoy team (@byimplication) that designed “Scram” for iOS

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The end of an era: Kodak files for bankruptcy.…

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Oh wow. HTML5 and CSS3 on an insanely gorgeous scale. I can’t stop scrolling. (Safari/Chrome/iPad) —acko.netn

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The US Navy is using trained Dolphins to locate mines with their sonar. One step closer to sharks with lasers.…

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I think this is the best “warning” I’ve seen in a while

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@hirika Thanks! :) There’s often at least one name that’s off. I guess it was my turn, this time. Haha.

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stroughtonsmith Limbo now available on the Mac via Steam - if you owned the PC version, you get the Mac one free! :D…

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New (and pretty) site describing guidelines for Android interface design: — I like this new thoughtfulness from Google

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@chantily yes, I am. That’s fine, iPhone does Skype

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Home DSL connection has been down for more than 24 hours. PLDT, why so crap?

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jensterjuice Essential beauty product: Fotoshop by Adobé. “You don’t have to rely on a healthy body image or self-respect anymore.”

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@MOSHreyes That said, if you get limited range out of it, maybe you set the output power to be low in the Airport Utility settings.

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@MOSHreyes The signal strength isn’t necessarily accurate. A better metric to use would be the range you get.

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I love this medicine company’s philosophy, branding, design, copy… and everything. — Help, I need help!™ helpineedhelp.comp

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The day that I’m not too late at the office is the day I’m not needed here. Ha ha ha.

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This feels a little shallow, but okay. RT @DOTPhilippines:

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Fantastic + (VERY) comprehensive guide to buying a camera and understanding photography terms (via @verge) —…9 Read this.

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Group chat with iMessage is actually pretty awesome.

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It’s finally out! And down goes my productivity for a few days.

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@theawesomekev If you want sure + safe, you’d have to run your own proxy (with @marionjames05’s Siri keys, which you have to update daily)

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@theawesomekev You can try checking the following pages:… and… but be careful of your personal data!

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@theawesomekev @marionjames05 An actual 4S doesn’t have a proxy. The proxy is for caching the authentication keys (which is what you want)

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agentpekka ADC’s “Call for Entries” campaign wins silver at YoungGuns. Congratulations DDB New York and illustrator Rami Niemi!

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icculus Some new open source tools that @humble Indie Bundle #4 generated:

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January 1: Happy New Y— Birthday, Mom! (a gorgeous piece by @chantily tan)

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Start the year right. ♥

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aww, I love you too @chantily ♥ to 2012 and beyond!

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