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August 6th, 2014

ESA_Rosetta Postcards from MT @esascience: Stunning close ups of

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esaoperations Thruster burn complete. @ESA_Rosetta has arrived at comet . We’re in orbit!

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Also, re: last tweet — I’m pretty sure #7 should say *over 25*, not under.n (but just barely)

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When your projects, games, or startups are falling behind, all news articles read like this.
ohhh my feels </3

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“Why does Windows think my wireless keyboard is a toaster?” —…S

man, I’m hungry now

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Hey these limited edition @Pebble colors are pretty cute! (don’t buy one, phi, one is enough) —

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“The World’s First and Only Completely Honest Résumé of a Graphic Designer.” —…B
ha. hahahaha.

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Tiny projector puts smartphone apps on your car windshield—
Really want this but… safety?

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saladinahmed “Diversity in fantasy is hard because white writers write from personal experience.” Yes. Their extensive experience with dragons and elves.

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