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August 1st, 2014

No one to lean on or trust, now.
But still, we push forward—

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NASA validates “impossible” space drive —…f from electricity directly to thrust. law of conservation of momentum? eh.

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verge Oculus Rift DK2 literally uses the front of a Galaxy Note 3 as its screen

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JagexSayln A little while ago we asked a Concept Artist to concept a Pirate Ship. There was a slight miscommunication…

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PSA from Stephan Sagmeister: “No, f—head, you are not a storyteller.”…1 — yet another word thrown around, nowadays.

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Want to Make a Difference in the World? Think Small via @bigthink

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JudgeHarshBlues Well, @remixeverything, you were right. Apparently everything IS a remix:…

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Thank you sooo much <3

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…that said, I’m pretty tired/worn out. 6aep. But after getting that heaviness off my chest, seeing the sun feels like a fresh start.

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So lucky to have wonderful friends who’ll work through personal problems with you. Over drinks at the office. Until six in the morning.

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Also, Guardians of the Galaxy is basically My Little Pony, I guess. “Friendship is Magic”, and all that.

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Movie night with startup friends! Guardians of the Galaxy was awesome. Didn’t expect that at all.

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