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June 8th, 2014

@meggykawsek any night this week! when are you most free? (and are you dropping by the office?)

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A Type House Divided— Great piece on the Hoefler/Frere-Jones breakup. Vaguely Woz/Jobs-ish, but deeper, more…h

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FredericJacobs iOS 8 randomises the MAC address while scanning for WiFi networks. Hoping that this becomes an industry standard.

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Scripting OS X Yosemite with JavaScript? YES DO WANT (and also, RIP AppleScript?)…

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rauchg OSX Yosemite is now scriptable with JavaScript!
Release notes:…

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tintinpantoja Response to a post comparing allowing yourself to make mistakes in art is like treating a patient hoping she lives :…

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(Related to last RT) Re: comparison to Jimi Hendrix: I like to imagine it as Steve Jobs pitching one an idea hahaha —…v

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io9 Bill Watterson, Creator Of Calvin and Hobbes, Has Been Drawing A Comic In Secret!

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