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October 31st, 2013

And before you think ultrasonic networking without WiFi / BT is farfetched, well here’s a nice library in javascript—…x

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Been following for a while now, srsly scary malware.… I’d consider this a hoax, were it not for reputations

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MIT wristband could make central heating / air-conditioning obsolete. Pretty cool! (pun unintended ;)… Less energy plz

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Hey Twitter, I really like you, but wtf is going on with your UI/UX now? :/

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Whoo, got my short URL: :D (not that G+ was giving me much of a choice, anyway)

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Cisco to release free, open-source implementation of H.264. YES. Can we stop using VP8 now?……

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robertcupisz This is how every game with IAP should be reviewed:

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gruber Fired up Twitter app for iPhone for first time in months. Wow, what a fucking turd they’ve turned this into.

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IncrediblyRich Ever wondered how medical students practice for prostate exams? ME NEITHER BUT OMFG.

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oh happy halloween and all that

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Intel fabs to manufacture ARM chips (!) Would love to see Apple-designed A(x) cores built on Intel’s 14nm process —…B

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