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October 28th, 2013

ex-Apple/Googlers team up on toy robot to teach kids computer programm㏌g… —very Lego M㏌dstor㎳ (which I loved as a kid)

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ABSCBNNews 30 killed in PH poll-related violence

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ntoll What it’s like to be a programmer for non-programmers (and why interruption is such a pain):

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typographica Paul Rand introduces NeXT logo to staff (incl a blissful @SusanKare) for first time. Steve Jobs awaits their verdict.…

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Ars Technica reviews Tesla Model S:… — really good review from a technology angle! (as opposed to usual car magazines)

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Good Guy Japan: in 2011, the NSA asked Japan to help wiretap phone/internet fiber-optics in Asia, but they declined.…

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0xabad1dea I’m afraid of the pizza delivery people but I guess they should be afraid of me…

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