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October 27th, 2013

New Jot Script stylus with 1.9mm tip! Looks pretty cool. Wonder if tech is similar to this? →…

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SquiffyPwn iOS 7 kernel has memory compression like OS X Mavericks

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@tjmanotoc thanks! :) we’ve been helping them since they started, you could almost call us co-founders hehe

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Cool bit of tech history: the French gov’t-run Minitel in 1980 (!) had what is arguably the first “app store” —…r

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While I’m on security: wishing for a modern remake of “Sneakers”… or really, a heist film w/ accurate pen-test/InfoSec

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Tech writer challenges hackers to investigate him, gets way more than he bargained for:… (stay safe, guys!)

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There’re a lot of fantastic essays on Gone Home, but do yourself a favor: don’t read them (yet). Go try it first, trust me.

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Late to the party, but I just finished “Gone Home”. Totes worth it. Great example of narrative-building in games, and subverting expectation

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buffer Hi all. So sorry, it looks like we’ve been compromised. Temporarily pausing all posts as we investigate. We’ll update ASAP.

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Amadeus_IOM Feels like every fire truck in the Metro is here. @YouScoopGMA

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perfectweiss Huge fire somewhere near Guadalupe @MMDA

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