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October 19th, 2013

Just played the Stanley Parable demo. What.

Okay, I’m convinced. Sold!

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You can come up with as many cool ideas as you want, but if you don’t actually do anything then it’s all moot.

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New startup looks amazing: real-time global macroeconomic/human dev’t trends based on crowdsourced smartphone reports

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eevee ok that’s better. apologies for tiny text but this is kind of a wide chart already. (copyright length of bieber song)

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Heads up,…5 (I wanted to tell you this earlier, but forgot lol)

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You can even ask like “fastest Pokémon in generation two,” and it sorts by speed. K, I’ll stop nerding out now :P

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…takeaway: you can now ask Siri “tell me about Pikachu”. Yes, iPhone is now a real-life Poké

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So Wolfram|Alpha now contains Pokémon entries + stats as computable data points.…

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