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October 11th, 2013

@xtauymatiao @xanderKhan it was neither “basically” nor “actually”, actually. (haha) and… I don’t say “fantasmic.” :/

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@chipperpj part-time, sa FA dept. I teach information architecture and web design. Do you still teach PH101? I should drop by and say hi :)

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(Much to my dismay, however, I found myself saying the same word again, after they had told me) :/ —…j

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After finals at the end of the sem, my students revealed they’ve been counting how often I’ve said a certain crutch word. Hay. Love y’all.

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@presidents oops, couldn’t reply to your DM. need a follow. :)

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iH8sn0w It was a nice for Apple to require a kernel exploit before mounting the rootfs as r/w for iOS 7.x. Making the “Activation Lock” more secure.

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