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October 6th, 2013

Implement new feature, or sleep? Hmm

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(and before you start complaining, yes, I know they’re still quite different! :P)

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Me to family: “Gravity was great you guys”
Dad: “Nasa space lang. Di ba bor㏌g?”
Me: “You liked Hunt for Red October. Nasa submarine lang.”

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leloyclaudio Enrile: architect of martial law, coup plotter, human rights violator, sexist,kasosyo ni Napoles. Tapos ang primary call niyo “Oust Noynoy?”

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Reposting: plz vote for by me + @pleasantprog. Commuting directions for jeep, bus, and train!—

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MSTechStudent Why do developers wear glasses?

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And it was impressively accurate! Albeit very, very improbable/unlikely. Ryan Stone is the luckiest woman ever. (or unluckiest. or both.)

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The cinematography was beautiful. Those long, extended cuts. That airlock scene. Subtle cues from horror films, but not to shock or frighten

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You guys. Gravity was fantastic. The sound design in that opening sequence. Scratch that— the entire film. Amazing.

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