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May 2013

JimAyson RT @ageofbrillig: The damage at Serendra is considerable, I hope no one was seriously hurt.

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neilke93 A truck exploded in Serendra?

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humble Humble Indie Bundle 8 is bringing all the fun! Name your price for 7 superb games for Windows/Mac/Linux!

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(On that note,… should be required reading for my next class. Or for any design/interface/dev class, really.)

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A genius of our time. Not familiar w/ Bret Victor? You should be: 2) 3)

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I am so excited for this. RT @worrydream: An ill-advised personal note about “Media for Thinking the Unthinkable”…

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@Talialalalala That’s okay; @levi_io has broken my heart many times before. I’m used to it. /cc @chantily

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danthat WHO COULD POSSIBLY HAVE SEEN THAT COMING on the 12th of December…

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jasonbrennan It’s pronounced jit-hub.

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BogartDexplorer Common sense is not a gift. It’s a punishment, because you have to deal with everyone else that doesn’t have it.

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lynnpinugu Help us spread the word! @_phi RT @GlobalShapersPH: 9days left for a P200,000 grant via !

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worrydream ★ Additional notes on “Drawing Dynamic Visualizations”.…

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stroughtonsmith That new Kinect connector is massive:

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psychicparrot OH. Right. Not even a goodbye, then? How rude.

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Hey look, sub-division surfaces (I think?) in Call of Duty. And dogs in mo-cap. Okay.

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itself is pretty nice and I’m impressed, but that was too much TV! Sports! Skype! Sports on TV! Where’re the (non-sports) games?

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Uh, a live action Halo TV series? With Steven Spielberg? Huh, wow.

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XanderDavisLive Let’s look at sports! Right, concession stand break. Back in a few.

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Okay, I guess I’m going to have to buy One* of these.

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Wow, Instant Switching is super responsive though. SSD? Tons of RAM? also Win8-style multitasking, using Kinect gestures. Nice.

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Also, dunno if this is intentional, but the design looks like any generic box under your TV (dvd, tuner, etc.)…

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So we went from the XBox, to the XBox 360, and now the XBox One… okayal

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live stream —…7 please don’t call it the 720 or something

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@xtauymatiao trip with @cammercheanger and the parents :) but if it’s Tuesday, I think abot tayo :) let’s go!

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@xtauymatiao the week after that, I’ll be in Japan. Hahaha we’ll see

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@xtauymatiao @richtuason @meggykawsek @escawing @honey_da_best Hey I’m totally game for that. Just name the day and time :)

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NASA working on 3D printer that prints food, like pizza. Pizza! Star Trek replicators, here we come…

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View from outside the office :( had to leave my car along the road (West Crame fire)

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West Crame fire, view from EDSA — several fire trucks passed us •

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lein78 @ANCALERTS: FIRE ALERT Crame West /residential/2nd alarm 1658h

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Crap, this is near the office! D: RT @MMDA: FIRE ALERT: 1st Ave. West Crame Quezon City, residential, 4:50PM

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verge WSJ: Yahoo’s board approves $1.1 billion all-cash Tumblr acquisition

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A bit overdue, but here’re some photos of my trip last month —…O SFO/SEA are awesome. Burgers, GDC, and space toilets.

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Functional Programming in 5 minutes:… — have some curry in your javascript.

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good Surprise, surprise: ‘Tiger Mom’ tactics don’t boost GPAs or happiness

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@richtuason @xtauymatiao @meggykawsek hey, if it’s any consolation, it swings both ways. :)

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psychicparrot Just as a badly designed level can ruin a game, so can bad sound design. Respect good audio engineers - we need them! :)

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psychicparrot Sound design isn’t just a case of slapping sounds in to fill the gaps - it’s building an audio world, like building the 3d world.

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god that was three hours long but now I can sleep

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Hey, I saw DepEd and Ateneo’s logos on the google apps adoption slide.…

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verge Google turns the Samsung Galaxy S4 into a Nexus phone, coming this June for $649

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Oh Android Studio looks really nice. Good riddance, Eclipse. (not that I use it much, anyway. Sublime Text + CLI ftw)

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Hey, that’s nice. Google Play game services will be cross-platform across Android/iOS/web.

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googledevs More than 900 million Android devices have been activated to date.

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(actually, this was a rumor 2 yrs ago:… — it made little sense then, it makes less sense now, given their position.)

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BBM on iOS and Android —…u Great, but why? It’s the main (or only) BlackBerry advantage, and they’re giving it away

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ailty The fact that no one you know voted for Binay and she’s still top 5 says how little of the Philippines your demographic represents.

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DirekJoey 93% of the voting population of the Philippines is made up of D1, D2 & E sectors. Only 7% come from A, B & C classes. THINK ABOUT THIS.

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@maymaybalatayo I might have a late meeting at work tomorrow; not sure if I can make it, but I’ll try. Text ko na lang si Che :)

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Quite impressed w/ @rapplerdotcom’s coverage + data visualizations.… — I’m not as happy about the results, however…

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Interesting bit of history: Why Anna Jarvis wished she didn’t found “Mother’s Day” —…k

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@wilhansen_li got this awesome Bluetooth speaker. It’s like… a warp core or

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Star Trek Into Darkness — early screening / premiere! @ IMAX

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Great interview on @verge with the photographer of Apple’s super-clean product shots:…

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SonySantaMonica Now ANYONE can make a game for @PlayStation or , we’re making it easy for all aspiring Indie-Devs & you

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newrelic Worked fine in dev… :)

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tha_rami Here’s a venture plan: ‘go make games as good as you can possibly make them and let people know that the game exists’.

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(though you might not see it yet because timezones.)

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Wow, I love Google’s motion-logo-doodle thing today, inspired by Saul Bass’ iconic movie title sequences —google.comu

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stroughtonsmith This is really cool; Spark Inspector - runtime debugger for iOS apps : /via @mertdumenci

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@pmgomez thanks! :) we should catch up sometime.

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globalmoxie Skeuomorphism is basic to good UX. If you disagree, you might not understand what skeuomorphism actually is.

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On the other hand, Adobe’s new hardware (a stylus and… ruler thing?) is quite lovely. Great UX combo with Ideas app…7dB

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Guillotine simulator for the Rift? Okay, downloading + trolling everyone in the office…l /via @carillontea

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After 10 years, Adobe abandons Creative Suite to focus on Creative Cloud —…H oh cloud, how I love and hate you

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@richtuason the article talks about Facebook and being douche-y to your friends. This is different. This. Is. TWITTEEER! *cue nineinchnails*

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@richtuason but but my Facebook profile photo is the blank generic faceless default dude

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Was hard explaining this to customs, but @oculus3d is finally here! Excited to get to the @byimplication office :D

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