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August 13th, 2012

I want a female dog who I’ll name Katrina, and a male cat I’ll name Douglas. So when I call them:
“Here Kat! (to dog)
Here Doug! (to cat)”

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@syk0saje and 90X, because you say it ninety times over? ;)

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User # 2964. So, who else is on hipster-twitter— I mean,app.netZ? :D (got rid of that pesky _

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Whoo! @AppDotNet got funded! It’s a fancy more-open post-Twitter social feed inter-app uh, thing.

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AppDotNet We hit our funding goal! Thanks to everyone’s support. Now back to work.

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@richtuason derp, 4am nga pala. sorry, antok na. haha

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@syk0saje cool! which one? is he performing again? / @meggykawsek — sometime in september.@chantilyy@levi_ioo@kennethgyuu@wilhansen_lii

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Oh wow. Look what we have here: @Battalia3 /

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“The New Face of 21st-century Cyber Warfare” — cool infographic aboutt from@Veracodee β€’…S

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CAPYGAMES *****Sound Shapes is magic. Here’s a little post about our role on the game, and why we’re so proud of our pals Queasy:…

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