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sakayph Sakay has been nominated at the ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup Awards 2019. Help us win by casting a vote for us in the…Ak

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Hey guys! @sakayph was nominated in the Global Startup Awards — if we’ve helped you out in the past, a vote for…QuS

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KFC is actually publishing this. what an age we live in…

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well. what do you know, they actually made it cheaper at $699

(tho it’s also marketing/positioning, by making…XL

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$5/month for a family subscription is not bad, but Apple Arcade would be more interesting if they actually…o4

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for the first time, Apple is streaming on YouTube live

maybe… just maybe, they’ll lower prices…jt

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Don’t know where to register to vote? Wala ka nang excuse πŸ”πŸ—ΊοΈβ¬‡οΈ…

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“…by building new highways and speeding up travel, we don’t shorten trips; we enable people to live and work…Txli

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For everyone who said search got worse since we moved away from Google — we built our own engine. πŸš€ Now we need…HMS

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marcedwards This is an objectively poor product decision. Take a look at XD vs Illustrator. I’m all for a way to round…2B

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TIL the Twitter web app actually follows the dark/light mode settings of your system’s OS πŸ™Œ

there’s a CSS media…v6

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seldo Dropbox found that developer ergonomics are so important to velocity that it’s cheaper to pay two teams to write…Bp

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i am living for this amazing collection of user interfaces found in anime

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rickhanlonii Here’s the design can you just code it

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Great read on the proliferation of the Case Study as a portfolio piece, and the lack of depth, creativity, and…Qo

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nobi Why is the “Save” button on MS Excel represented by the picture of vending machine? (with purchased drink at the…zm

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jrawson William Jackson Harper of The Good Place and Midsommar is surely the first actor to be typecast as “man with a…UC

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@levitanong @kennethgyu my takeaway here is that i am well-loved and respected

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@janbelmonte You’re a kind, passionate person who’s created a lot of amazing things. Don’t let them get you down ✨

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Overheard at work —
“I hate the Romulans. They’re like… budget Vulcans.”

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Eirizu we need better urban planning and urban design

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When you are on new meds, and your body is taking a long, painful time to adjust

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@syk0saje Das fair. They’ve broken so many promises and driven away so many key people that it becomes so easy to cry wolf, though…

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syk0saje @_phi not really one to defend fb, but they kinda jumped the gun on this one…

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