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me, but with my regular dominant hand…

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@tracymonsod huhu, thanks tracy! hugs. would love to catch up with you + FA faculty soon :)

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wow, I thought I was totally okay + great yesterday, but things happened today and now I am totally not. thanks brain, thanks feels!

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@janbelmonte no, I just got back last week. let me know when’s a good time for you!

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dear PLDT, this is a shitty reply. you shouldn’t need IP whitelisting. by design, the internet does optimal routing.…

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zeynep With this data, Amazon won’t be able to just sell you clothes or judge you. It could analyze if you’re depressed…ME

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Still cruisin’ in the twenties, don’t harsh my jam

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then I realized, it’s a way for Amazon to

1. learn what people are wearing
2. learn to predict fashion trends
3. influence trends by rating

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first I thought… why use AI to style check and “rate” your OOTD and suggest what to wear? would you actually…f3G5

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Amazon Echo Look. If listening wasn’t creepy enough, now we stare too…

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@kstentan also, idk. I think one needs to grow a thick skin regardless. in the Real World™ especially, the public is an unforgiving critic

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@kstentan failed his class, took another of his, still consider them among my better classes

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@kstentan are you sure he didn’t try to hit you with his cane

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Oh, the satellite imagery is all distorted too. Not sure if Google auto-traces roads, or if the map + image layer…0b

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ANCALERTS Matthew Cua tells us what it’s like transitioning from being an engineer to being a startup CEO.…Fv

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Driverless Cars Learning From GTA5

Life imitates art, AI learns from AI. Like an elaborate adversarial neural net.…

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You’ve never seen true Cyan before, and it’s beautiful - The Meta Picture…

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