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rmondello Big day! iOS 12 is out! I hope y’all love it.

I’m going to highlight a few iCloud Keychain, Safari, and WebKit…Sr

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woah— unexpected turnaround from Linus Torvalds. respect for acknowledging the problem and making steps to fix…kon

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i def recommend updating to iOS 12, especially on older devices. my iPad Air (4 years old) is a lot faster, even…Bx

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really interesting video from @VergeScience about breeding, evolution, and cute domesticated foxes —…n

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@wdmanuel I can’t really help but be suspicious of that. πŸ€” hahaha

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anitero Audits produce accountability.

You know who hates auditors?

People who hate accountability.

Know what we…01

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pietepiet No Items
Dogs Only
Final Destination

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First of all, yes, the Estrella Rockwell bridge should totes be replaced. But—

30 MONTHS? PHP 1.2 Billion? How…Jo6

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rapplerdotcom WATCH: A whirlwind can be seen passing by Marikina City as of 5:40PM Friday, September 14. Video courtesy of John…un

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also how does my dog see so well in the dark

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a brownout. so it begins

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Really cool use of 3D compositing/dataviz in broadcast media to visualize flood surges

Sana may budget rin tayo…y0

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@charlesatan well, that answers my question then. hahaha

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(that said, I’m not sure how D-pads will fare vs sticks, but regardless, sold)…

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iPhone 1.5 + 2.5 HD Remix: Chain of Memories…

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“Use of eSIM in iPhone may be disabled when purchased from some carriers.”

lol taking bets that both Globe and…DW

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the iPhone XR (ugh) is like the old 5C again, but no “unapologetically plastic” back, and the latest CPU and tech……bQ

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stevesi Apple A12:

β€’ 7nm
β€’ 6.9B transistors
β€’ 6 CPU cores
β€’ 4 GPU cores
β€’ 8 “neural” cores
β€’ 5 trillion ops/sec
β€’ 512GB…T0

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