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they specifically mention and support the Philippines too 🎉

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this is like Netflix for weebs


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iamstephbeatz January 10. NBC.

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“Man is a complicating animal. He only simplifies under pressure.”
— Up the Organization (1970) by Robert…M2s

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Why are people still using Viber 😶

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RIP great native apps and desktop UX 😔

Sometimes I feel Electron is secretly a Chromebook Trojan Horse lowering…KY

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SwiftOnSecurity This isn’t about Chrome. This is about ElectronJS. Microsoft thinks EdgeHTML cannot get to drop-in feature-parity…5l

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MSFT: “You guys just use Edge to download Chrome, so I guess we’ll make Edge just like Chrome in the first place!”…SF

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Thought 1: I didn’t know I needed this in my life

Thought 2: are we getting Persona 5 on Switch…

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@noelperlas Gotta invest in something you sit in several hours a day hahaha

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Was out all day at a meeting and I come back to this at the office

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tavaresbooks If you think your first draft is fine and doesn’t need any changes, just remember: this is what Mickey Mouse…oY

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Thanks @alexiscollado for having me on, and letting me talk about UX, solving problems,…lj

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HumanVsMachine Watch an algorithm turn winter into summer in any video.
AI keeps on progressing.

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sakayph Supremo noon: Atapang atao, hindi atakbo!
Tayo ngayon: Atapang atao, sa MRT…

Today is Gat Andres Bonifacio’s…T3

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CSS has sure come a long way. Now, we no longer need JavaScript to crash any current mobile or desktop browser.


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@patsyjson time to get another laptop to break the monotony

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@syk0saje I’m sorry it has an expensive prerequisite

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@DreLevinge I tried it before; I ended up preferring using the native apps for the other services (like Telegram,…Fz

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IBJIYONGI The original tech bros:… via @Slate

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